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Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon: ICAA-wide Final Report
06, Apr 2016

USAID's Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon (ICAA) triggers positive change in one of the most biodiverse regions on earth: the northwestern portion of the Amazon basin. Started in 2006, this long-term program has brought sustainable livelihood options to dozens of indigenous communities, ensured their land rights and supported wise use of their natural resources."

Sustainable Landscapes: Conservation of biodiversity and the improvement of livelihoods in Amazonian communities Photo: Thomas Müller /SPDA-ICAA
15, Dec 2015

ICAA.- The Sustainable Landscapes Consortium has worked to build climate resilience, develop local competitive businesses, to promote gender equality and to strengthen economic opportunities for indigenous communities in the Amazon. 

Presentation of a Study of Gender Relations in the Context of Economic Incentives for Conservation. Photo: Erick Cuichap / AMPA
24, Nov 2015

ICAA.- A study on Gender Relations in the Context of IEC: Two case studies in Alto Mayo, San Martín, Perú (link to document in Spanish) has been published. The study reveals how gender relations manifest in the participating communities, in the context of economic incentives for conservation. 

#AMAZONIAQUI: The Amazon Takes over the City
30, Oct 2015

ICAA.- Only four weeks after it’s launch, #AMAZONIAQUI sparks growing enthusiasm of Lima youth to discover what connects them to the rainforest. Through a mixture of artistic, cultural and media activities, as well as key partnerships with various universities, businesses and government institutions, #AMAZONIAQUI begins to take over the city streets.