High Levels of Mercury in Amazonian Populations Raises Alarm. Photo: Referencial Internet
03, Aug 2015

El Espectador.- These are the highest levels of intoxication that scientists have ever found in Colombia. According to the toxicologist, Jesús Olivero, the situation is so concerning that the very survival of these indigenous communities may be at risk.

WWF Presents its Campaign #NiUnGradoMás as a Call to Action against Climate Change
23, Jul 2015

WWF.- With just 5 months until the United Nation’s COP 21 in Paris, WWF has launched its campaign to mobilize society and to prevent the worst impacts of climate change on species, nature and human beings.

Manuel Glave: “Every infrastructure project in the rainforest, including those that unite communities, affects the ecosystem”
13, Jul 2015

El Comercio.- A recent study of the construction project, Pucallpa-Cruzeiro do Sul (Brazil), that measures the economic, social and environmental impacts, could set precedent for how the country selects the investments that are necessary for the country, but also less aggressive towards the environment.

Marc Dourojeanni: “It is unfortunate that the Interoceanic Railway is not being consulted with anyone”
03, Jul 2015

Noticias SER.- The Prime Minister of China, Li Keqiang, announced the initiation of feasibility studies for the interoceanic railway system that will connect Peru, Brazil and China, in order to facilitate commercial trade. The proposal has generated a sense of alarm in some sectors of Peru, for the potentially severe social and environmental impact that its construction could create.

Peru Continues the Fight against Illicit Timber Trafficking
24, Jun 2015

PCM.- The Presidency of the Council of Ministers ratified their commitment to strengthening coordination between Peru and the United States in order to combat illicit timber trafficking and related activities.