287 amphibian and reptile species in Peruvian park sets world record. Foto: Alessandro Catenazzi
29, Jan 2014

Mongabay.com.- It's official: Manu National Park in Peru has the highest diversity of reptiles and amphibians in the world.

Cofán: Guardians of the Amazon Forest. Foto: Thomas J. Müller / SPDA
16, Jan 2014

Frontlines.- While the Cofan are not an isolated group in the Amazon, and also use a variety of modern products and services, they have a history of protecting their territory because it is critical to their food security.

Mahogany sculpture in Pucallpa, Perú. Foto: Alex Webb /National Geographic
18, Mar 2013

National Geographic.- Mahogany is the crown jewel of the Amazon, soaring in magnificent buttressed columns high into the forest canopy. Its rich, red grain and durability make it one of the most coveted building materials on Earth, favored by master craftsmen, a symbol of wealth and power.

The sounds of the Pacahuaras - BBC Mundo
25, Jan 2013

BBC Mundo.- ​ Lorena Arroyo from BBC Mundo visited the last members of an indigenous tribe in Bolivia. Their culture and culture will dissapear when they die. (Complete article available in Spanish)

Fernando León, ICAA advisor on economic incentives
17, Jan 2013

Tierramérica.- To develop guidelines and methodological guidelines for the development and approval of sustainable production projects, Peruvian authorities designed the National Public Investment System.(Complete article available in Spanish)