Gobernanza de recursos naturales

Madre de Dios, in Peru, is one of the regions mosted affected by artisanal gold mining. However, thanks to efforts of the Manuani River Association to recover degradated areas, a new model for successful restoration is being defined for the Amazon forests. This video captures the optimistic story of Manuani to share with the entire Amazon. 

Formalization and Collective Appropriation of Space on Forest Frontiers: Comparing Communal and Individual Property Systems in the Peruvian and Ecuadoran Amazon
06, Aug 2015
Peter Cronkleton & Anne Larson (CIFOR)

This article compares and contrasts communal and individual properties to examine the relationship between state efforts to formalize property rights and tenure security. The article draws on a study of four landscape mosaics in the Peruvian and Ecuadoran Amazon, selected to represent dynamic forest frontiers. Though Hernando de Soto and other theorists from the property rights school emphasize private individual behavior and land allocation in many collective communities, this research also found collective behavior and land allocation in many individualized communities.